Luciano fathoms the ‘ultimate mystery’ that still pervades and fascinates us [the nature of things] and in particular the most amazing vision [the macrocosm] that we began to explore with thanks to modern technologies. Particularly after science outlined its surprising features through theories of relativity and quantum mechanics. The result is a series of 'cosmic landscapes', inspired by the images of the huge piles of dust wandering in outer space (which astrophysicists named ‘nebulae’). These have generated the celestial bodies (galaxies, stars, planets, satellites, comets and black holes), ultimately the life that enabled mankind to acquire both knowledge and wonder while remaining enchanted. Luciano’s work draws attention to the strong content of these images - all the while remaining esoteric. Leading not only to meditations on the smallness of our fleeting presence, but also on the considerable capability of our small brains straining to investigate and understand such extraordinary immensity.